It is well written, and well reasoned out and explains the key issues and questions we need to be asking ourselves.

—Irish Tech News

An interesting, timely, and thoughtful book, Will Computers Revolt? probes the future of AI and sees exciting possibilities.

—Foreword Reviews

A bold and rigorous contribution to the literature on an increasingly important scientific subject.

—Kirkus Reviews

About the book

Explore the world of computer intelligent technology and how we can prepare ourselves.

For those imagining the future directions of intelligent technology, this book gives readers an excellent place to start, as it is easy to read, well researched, and provocative.

This book includes many real-world examples to interest the layman along with enough technical detail to convince the computer scientist.

Written in layman's language by Charles J. Simon, an uniquely qualified, noted computer hardware expert and neural network software pioneer. He is exploring the world inf computer intelligent technology and how we can prepare ourselves.

About the Author

Charles J. Simon, BSEE, MSCS, nationally-recognized software developer: with a broad management and technical expertise.

With degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences combined with over fifty years of computer experience, Charles has the unique experience which enables him to create this book. His previous publications include a book on Computer Aided Design, and numerous technical articles and book contributions.

His technical experience includes the creation of two unique Artificial Intelligence systems along with software for successful neurological test equipment. Combining AI development with biomedical nerve signal testing gives him the singular insight needed to create this new book.